Materials Colloquium 2021

Wednesday, 4:30 pm

Two talks (20 minutes each) plus discussion (10 minutes each).
Zoom link will be published here in time.

February, 3rd

Michael Murrell
Yale University, visiting professor at Soft and Living Materials
The assembly of non-equilibrium biologically-inspired materials

Indranil Basu
Laboratory of Metal Physics and Technology – D-MATL
Nanomechanics in lean Mg alloys: a length scale appraisal


Fabio Grillo
Laboratory for Soft Materials and Interfaces – D-MATL
Speeding up chemical reactions with microrobots

Kathrin Dörr
Universität Halle, visiting professor at Multifunctional Ferroic Materials
Straining films - a versatile design tool for ferroic materials

April, 7th

Maria Lukatskaya
Electrochemical Energy Systems Laboratory – D-MAVT
Materials design for fast charge storage enabled by the mechanistic insights

Zhaochu Luo
Mesoscopic Systems – D-MATL
Current-driven magnetic domain-wall logic

April, 21st

Special Edition with Rainer Rees-Mertins
ETH Library
Open Access - funding opportunities and requirements within and outside ETH Zurich

May, 5th

Alexandra Bayles
Soft Materials – D-MATL
Sculpting hydrogels using nD printing

Corsin Battaglia
Materials for Energy Conversion – EMPA Dübendorf
Interface stability in all-solid-state batteries

September, 1st

Lorenz Gubler
Electrochemistry Laboratory – PSI
Fuel cells, batteries, electrolyzers, etc.: some insights from a materials science point of view

Nicolas Bain
Soft and Living Materials – D-MATL
Do soft solids have strain-dependent surface tension?

September, 15th

Special Edition

October, 6th

Richard Whitfield
Polymeric Materials – D-MATL
Tuning polymer dispersity by photoinduced ATRP: monomodal distributions with ppm copper concentration

Mathieu Luisier
Integrated Systems Laboratory – D-ITET
2D materials modeling: electrical, thermal, and optical effects

November, 3rd

Manfred Fiebig
Multifunctional Ferroic Materials – D-MATL
Magnetoelectric teleportation

Inge Herrmann
Nanoparticle Systems Engineering Laboratory – D-MAVT
Engineering materials interfaces with the living

December, 1st

Lukas Novotny
Photonics Laboratory – D-ITET
Optical nanospectroscopy and control

Fergal Coulter
Complex Materials – D-MATL
Six-axis multi-process additive manufacturing for implantable medical devices

Full program as pdf: MC2021poster