Materials Colloquium 2020

Wednesday, 16:30

Two talks (20 minutes each) plus discussion (10 minutes each) followed by an apéro, kindly sponsored by D-MATL

February, 5th, HCI J7

Marc Willinger (ScopeM)
Observing while it happens: In situ electron microscopy of dynamic processes

Arkadiy Simonov (Multifunctional Ferroic Materials)
Hidden order in disordered Prussian Blue analogues crystals





March, 11th, HCI J7

Yinyin Bao (D-CHAB)
Engineering biodegradable polymers for 3D printing of personalized medical devices

Guido Panzarasa (Soft and Living Materials)
Time and relative dimension in self-assembly: towards a systems chemistry of materials





April, 1st, zoom

Yaroslav Romanyuk (EMPA Dübendorf)
High efficiency thin-film solar cells

April, 22nd, zoom

Sandra Skjærvø (Mesoscopic Systems)
Domain evolution in a magnetic metamaterial

May, 13th, zoom

Shovon Pal (Multifunctional Ferroic Materials)
Watching ultrafast motion of bound and free electrons in materials

September, 9th, HPV G5

Roland Logé (EPFL)
Selective laser melting of metals and alloys – how to better control microstructures and properties

Chiara Gattinoni (Materials Theory)
Surface structure and polarization direction in ferroelectric thin films

October, 7th, TBA

Ahmad Rafsanjani (Complex Materials)
Programming soft robots with flexible mechanical metamaterials

Brendan Bulfin (D-MAVT)
Principles of materials design for two step thermochemical redox cycles

November, 4th, TBA

Anna Fontcuberta i Morral (EPFL)
Using nanostructures and earth abundant semiconductors for sustainable generation solar cells

Sebastian Stepanow (Magnetism and Interface Physics)
Addressing the quantum spin of single atoms and molecules

December, 2nd, TBA

Laura Alvarez Frances (Soft Materials and Interfaces)
Controlling active colloids

Marta Gibert (University of Zürich)
Ultrathin double-perovskite thin films

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